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Life behind the dike ribbon in Sliedrecht



Sliedrecht has been built alongside the dike and originally seen the houses were built rectangular towards the dike. There was a typical Dutch long allotment, but nowadays it's very hard to recognize this historic structure because of new developments. Sliedrecht is loosing her intimate rustic identity slowly.


This project focuses on the backside of the centre of Sliedrecht, which is concentrated along the dike. The most shops are faced to the dike and as soon as one goes to the backside of the shops, beneath the dike, you will find a real backside area. An unattractive area which is used as parking places and at the same time it's the view for many residents who are living there.


The back side area has a lot of potential to create a more attractive and liveable area by restructuring the allotment structure and reorganising the space. The strategy is to maintain the rustic identity of Sliedrecht by returning to the original way of allotment. This creates a lot of potential space in between the shops and the residential areas. Besides of that the dike ribbon will be reinforced by maintaining small alleys to the backside area only. The function of parking will be reduced and for the visitors this will be concentrated at specific places.


The unattractive space behind the dike has been transformed into an attractive liveable landscape with a mix of functions which fit to the rustic identity of Sliedrecht. The town can be sure of her rustic identity for the future.

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