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Densification of Amsterdam Southeast



In this project the possibilities have been researched for densification in a part of Amsterdam Southeast in the Netherlands. There has been searched for a solution to create a green and dense residential environment. Thereby I had to take into account the physical, cultural and political context and an extra of at least 10 % of water storage had to be realised.


The highway A9, which lays as a barrier between two residential areas, has been lowered and covered. Therefore a large part of the surface becomes free to arrange for green and recreation. The released space compensates with the shortage of green areas in between the neighbourhoods. The existing watercourses are enlarged and extended deep into the Bijlmer area, which offers opportunities for new forms of dwellings. For example living on the waterside, which refers to the historical city of Amsterdam. The two neighbourhoods are now connected with each other which makes the area safer as well.

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